• Your carpets will last longer with steam cleaning done professionally and on a regular basis.
  • The latest encapsulation technology ensures the drawing out of ingrained dirt.
  • Frees your carpets of bacteria and reduces the problems of animal odours.
  • Our products are non-allergenic, non toxic and safe for family and pets
  • All of our franchise owners are trained and experienced professionals.

Our professional carpet cleaners are experienced in steam cleaning your carpets, with the newest portable steam cleaning equipment and the latest technology to ensure the safety and colour fastness of the highest quality carpets.

The oils and dirt ground into your carpet are removed, revealing the original clean colour and softness under foot.

Our qualified cleaners are well trained in treating the toughest of stains and ground-in dirt. We use only the best quality environmentally friendly products to ensure the safety and highest level of protection for your investment.

Deodorising your carpet kills germs and leaves a fresh clean smell throughout. This can be particularly important if you let pets inside your house.

In addition to our carpet cleaning services Billy Brown can also clean your upholstery and fabric to ensure the highest level of professional cleaning available.

Billy Brown can protect your carpets, upholstery and fabrics by waterproofing your investments to resist marks and stains.

If your bathtub overflows or if rain or flood has caused water damage to your carpet, our team of professionals are experienced in draining away excess water, treating the area of damage and odours.

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