A clean, fresh smelling office is more inviting to your customers and clients and a more enjoyable place for staff to work.

Today’s Facility Manager Magazine had this to say on the topic of Outsourced Cleaning:

"The location of a building has always been a key factor in attracting and retaining employees. While proximity to major roadways and city conveniences can be a plus, the building will quickly lose its allure if it is not kept clean and properly maintained.

For that reason, facility managers should regard cleanliness as a key marketing tool that will attract and retain personnel. First impressions always count, and nothing accomplishes this better than a gleaming lobby, spotless hallways, immaculate restrooms, and offices where employees are proud to conduct business. The building is the company's showcase, reflecting the quality of the service or products it offers its customers."

Courtesy: Today’s Facility Manager Magazine, ‘Outsourced Cleaning’, August 2003

Your staff have more important goals than washing dishes and scrubbing bathrooms. A professional cleaning service at an affordable price can alleviate the minor stress of day to day housekeeping.

You and your company worked extremely hard to create something durable and beautiful at great expense. It is important to present the property in the best light. That requires cleaning up the plaster dust and scraping the dried cement from the windows to give it that final detailed touch that will win over the most discerning people.

Cleaning common areas such as stairways, lifts, hallways and courtyards as well as work in individual apartments is a necessary part of the daily maintenance of your clients home environment. Billy Brown can look after these concerns.

Busy property managers need to ensure that vacant properties are presented to potential tenants in the best condition. Our cleaners have been working with some of the most respected names in Australian real estate for years. This experience means that we know how to help you present your properties in the best light.

Billy Brown's Professional Steam Carpet Cleaners use the most up to date portable carpet cleaners to give carpets and upholstery a new life. When the carpets in your office or apartment building start looking a little worse for wear, freshen them up with our professional cleaning and deodorising service. Our cleaners are experienced in maintaining the style and cleanliness expected at the most prestigious addresses.

Clean linens and a freshly made bed can make all the difference in the world to your reputation and the clientele you attract. Billy Brown can leave a sparkling home awaiting your clients return.

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