As the necessity of a two income family becomes more predominant and lifestyles become more hectic, the need for affordable assistance grows – AND when the cleaning service is reasonably priced, professional, experienced, guaranteed and insured, it makes the choice that much easier.

A regular cleaning service can:

  • Give you more precious time to spend as you choose, not as you must
  • Reduce the stress of daily living
  • Lift your spirits when you walk into a freshly cleaned home.

In Apartments, Villas, Townhouses and Houses of all sizes, Billy Brown's Range of cleaning services can give you more time to enjoy life.

Billy Brown's Cleaning Service can be provided weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as a one-off spring clean or special occasion service. Our cleaners are highly motivated, self-employed professionals. We recognise the value you place on your home and belongings and take great care to ensure the security and safety of your valuables.

In addition to home and office cleaning, Billy Brown also offers a range of carpet cleaning and other services including:

    Are you are a busy tenant moving on? Billy Brown can help you leave your apartment or house in good condition to help ensure that you retain your rental bond. We know and understand what needs to be done to ensure a satisfied landlord.
    If you had an unfortunate accident, are pregnant or just returned home from surgery, Billy Brown's professional cleaners have been working with various Nursing Services and Government Agencies in the care of the aged or infirmed. No one could be expected to scrub the bathroom with a broken arm or just home from hip replacement surgery. That is where we come in, literally and do what needs to be done.


  • Sweep and Mop Floor
  • Scrub Sink and taps
  • Wash Countertops
  • Wipe over exterior cupboards
  • Wipe over exterior oven, stovetop and refrigerator
  • Empty Rubbish
  • Wipe over rangehood and exhaust
  • Sweep and Mop Floor
  • Scrub shower recess and taps
  • Scrub shower doors and tracks
  • Scrub toilet
  • Scrub sink and taps
  • Scrub vanity unit, inside and out
  • Clean Mirror
  • Empty rubbish


  • Vacuum all accessible areas of carpeted floors
  • Damp mop hardwood floors
  • Dust furniture (can polish on request)
  • Clean all mirrors including mirrored wardrobe doors
  • Wipe clean all light switches
  • Dust Light fittings(Excluding Chandeliers)
  • Wipe clean all skirting boards
  • Wipe Clean all windowsills
  • Remove cobwebs
For a free quote on the cost of a cleaning service for your home click on the request quote button, complete the form and send your details to us.


In addition to our standard cleaning service, Billy Brown offers a wide range of extra cleaning services (at extra cost). Following are some of the more frequently asked for services:

  • Clean Oven/Griller:
  • Clean Windows Inside
  • Clean Windows Outside
  • Exhaust Fan Wash
  • Wash Walls
  • Clean Blinds
  • Carpet Cleaning Click here to see carpet cleaning details
  • Sweep out Garage
  • Water Extraction
  • Dry Clean drapes
  • Patio/Entertaining areas
  • Balconies
  • Upholstery Cleaning
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